Friday, 24 August 2012

"Concussion wave of a nearby bullet"

Burn Notice fans hear this - Nate Westen's official autopsy report claims that Nate died from "the concussion wave of a nearby bullet." In other words, there was only one shot fired by the sniper - at Anson Fullerton (season 6 episode 6). The exiting bullet created a shock wave that caused massive internal bleeding for Nate Westen. He was NOT killed by a bullet. The passing bullet then traveled through a wall that was situated behind Nate; leaving a significantly gaping hole. Interesting, but unfortunately impossible. No matter the caliber, there exists no legitimate evidence that this phenomena can occur. Damn, the Burn Notice folks are usually better than that.
If Tom Card gave Madeline Westen this information (autopsy report - season 6 episode 10) are we to assume that Michael Westen knows this as well? This information makes Nate's death a potential accident and not the murder that we have been led to believe.
What do you think?

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