Thursday, 8 November 2012

False Starts, New Beginnings

I`m sure everyone has experienced a false start sometime in their lives. It happened to me last week - but it took me over seven weeks to realize it. I had to drop my course before it dropped me. And though it took an emergency to push me to do it, I realize now that since I did it, I feel relieved.
I am not a quitter. I know I would have suffered through the course and persevered, but the right choice for me was to end it. Recognize the false start and start over - preferably taking a different course.
The emergency has passed but I realize that for the next little while, I am needed in a different capacity. I also have the time to work exclusively on my own work. No more excuses! No homework to interfere with my project! No more acid reflux!
(Seriously, I`m not even joking. It disappeared the day I withdrew from the course. Hmmm...)

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