Sunday, 14 April 2013

I Thought I Knew My ACBs...

                                                   Little Leaves cover art

Check out this web link for the ACBs latest album:

The title is "The Little Leaves"  and if you like the rock/indie/pop sounds of bands like The Delays, Band of Horses, The Stills, and The Beach Boys you will like these guys. Their catchy, yet original melodies, smart lyrics and unmistakable vocals make me wish summer was here and that I drove a convertible.
I've had a lot of fun listening to them in my car; "Attic Fan," "Ocean," "Plants," "Xanies" and "Training Wheels" are my favourites (in that order).
The rest of the album is stellar too. It flows nicely from song number one to thirteen. Most clocking in under three minutes. This music is extremely radio friendly and the bright sounds come just in time for our impending summer season.
I can picture it - driving down a rural stretch of highway in my little Cabriolet with the ACBs blasting their sunny pop-infused music through the speakers. Fun!

Album listing:
1. All Over
2. Surface
3. Attic Fan
4. Feel Winter
5. Ocean
6. Plants
7. Underweight
8. Television
9. Xanies
10. Training Wheels
11. No Kink In My Costume
12. Record Store
13. Lover Yeah

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