Thursday, 13 June 2013

"We Can Be There For Tweaks And Repairs, Should You Come Back Home" - Musings on the 100th episode of "Burn Notice"

It's a well known fact that I love watching television. My viewing taste tends to lean toward drama, with a very little sprinkling of comedy. There is one show I especially enjoy watching - my guilty pleasure - "Burn Notice." It's a show that combines drama, action and romance with the tongue in cheek humour I really appreciate. Mindy Kaling mentioned it on Twitter a few years ago, so I watched the pilot and was hooked.
"Burn Notice" is entering its seventh and final season and tonight they aired the 100th episode. Truly an accomplishment when fewer television dramas make it past the first couple of seasons.
After watching this milestone of an episode, I couldn't get Elbow's song "Open Arms" out of my head. Quick summary: Michael Westen returns home for some "tweaks and repairs."  I don't know why, but I tend to associate many things with songs. Call it a quirk.
Watch the show, listen to the song, and maybe you'll get it.

"And we've love enough to light the street 'cause everybody's here"
- Elbow

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